Easy Ways to Elevate Your Athleisure Look

It’s no coincidence that all of our products are athleisure items. Our Fluidity team wanted to create clothing that is super wearable right now. These days, we find ourselves only wanting to wear comfortable clothing-- as we’re sure is the case for many of you-- since the majority of our days are spent sitting in our homes.

However, we know that a lot of you probably enjoy dressing up. Like the phrase, “look good, feel good” indicates, sometimes putting a stylish look together can boost your mood make you feel more productive. Keep reading for some easy tips to spruce up a comfy outfit and help you look and feel even better.

Go Monochrome:

 Person in fashionable outfit

Photo from Refinery29

Coordinate your colors to make an effortlessly elevated look. This super easy styling tip creates cohesion and takes your outfit to the next level. Match your joggers and hoodies or leggings and sports bras...it’s as simple as that!

Pair some of our favorite pieces together to make your own matching set:

Photo of Flutter By hoodiePhoto of Flutter By joggers
Photo of Everyone Together Flow hoodieLip Service Joggers
Photo of Metamorphosis BraPhoto of Metamorphosis Leggings

Photo of Whenever, Wherever BraPhoto of Whenever, Wherever Leggings















The Gold Touch:

Photo of person wearing fashionable gold jewelry

Photo by @courtney_shields on Instagram

Another easy way to make it look like you tried when you didn’t at all is to accessorize with jewelry. Throw on some hoops, layer some necklaces and put on your favorite rings to add some visual interest to a simple outfit. We like to pair this with the matching sweatsuit trend, but you can do this with absolutely any outfit.

Try it with an all-black outfit to make those gold or silver accents pop:

Collage of Fluidity Design products


Biker Shorts For the Win:

Collage of models wearing biker shorts

Photo from Who What Wear | Photo from Refinery29 | Photo from Who What Wear

We think biker shorts are an incredible staple item. They can quite honestly be worn for any occasion. Who said you have to wear them only for working out? As we move into the warmer months, we find these to be the most comfortable shorts you can own. Pair them with another athleisure item for lounging around or even a more dressy top for those Zoom happy hours. Do you have a video interview coming up? Layer on a blazer to transform your look into a business professional one. The options are endless!


Here are some of our favorite biker shorts:

Collage of Fluidity Designs shorts