What is #GetUsPPE?


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In the midst of all that's happening these days, it's always nice to read a little something that's uplifting and hopeful. Today, we wanted to share with you a little history behind #GetUsPPE, the movement that you're helping with every purchase of a Fluidity Designs piece.

When the COVID-19 crisis first started escalating, healthcare workers were the first to notice personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages. On March 16th, Dr. Esther Choo and Matt Cortland started the hashtag #GetMePPE to bring awareness to this shortage and to spread knowledge about the Defense Production Act (DPA) which mandates that the president can require businesses to shift production to goods deemed essential for national defense. 

Doctors across the country took notice and rallied, combining forces to create the the hashtags #GetMePPE and #GetUsPPE and make them go viral. By March 19th, #GetMePPE was a live petition, acquiring thousands of signatures and drawing attention to the immediate need for more PPE. 

On March 20th, Dr. Shuhan He proposed a channel for distribution of PPE, after inaction from the government and rising need. www.GetUsPPE.org was born, with a clear message: register your need for PPE, and enable citizens to help by donating within their communities. 

Today, GetUsPPE.org leads a nation-wide effort to get essential personal protective equipment to healthcare works across the country. 

Here at Fluidity Designs, we're doing our part to help the #GetUsPPE movement. We recognize the challenges that healthcare workers are facing daily. Help us help them. Together, we can do a lot. 

All the information in this post can be found at GetUsPPE.org