The Evolution of Brand Loyalty

Scrabble pieces spelling Brand Loyalty


The reputation of a brand doesn’t rely solely on the items they produce. Instead, it manifests as a result of the social good done by a brand. In order to stay competitive in the mind of a 21st century shopper, brands must provide inspiration and source of goodness. The heart of a brand aligning with the heart of a consumer is the perfect recipe for brand loyalty. 

Consumer brand alliances can evolve from a sense of association with a certain brand to a way of identifying oneself. This metamorphosis into identifying with a brand doesn’t present itself in the way one dresses, but in the way one behaves. For example, it wouldn’t mean that someone becomes so attached to Gucci that they only wear deep green and snakes. Instead, it would be present in their mindset, emphasizing positive change through prioritizing the planet and supporting creative thinking.

During this period of insecurity and fear due to COVID-19, brands are becoming more socially aware than ever. This has driven brands to increase their efforts to give back to the community. We built Fluidity Designs around the idea of giving back to the community. We know our customers can find peace in knowing that loyalty to our brand is a commitment to helping those negatively impacted by COVID-19.